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If you want to find out more about our transportation services and how we can get you to the clinic of your choice for dialysis treatment, please give us a call at 216-375-0220 today.

old man having a dialysis in the hospital

Going through dialysis is a difficult process to go through. When your kidneys are failing or have failed, you will require routine treatment at a clinic or hospital where they can remove toxins, excess water, and other waste in order to purify your blood through the use of a machine.

This can be hard on the body and leave you in a severely weakened state that makes it difficult to travel on your own. Solomed Transportation, Inc. offers a solution through our non-emergency medical transportation services. Through our personalized services, we are able to transport you to the clinic of your choice for treatment.

In order to make these services even more convenient for you, we can do them automatically for you, so you can expect routine transportation and a ride home every time.